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Kapihan sa Isla-Benham Expedition

LATE POST. Event Coordinator: Pink Sunshine Creative Services Music: Licensed Corporate Background Music Venue: Top of the Citi, CitiBank, Makati City

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Ilin Island Occidental Mindoro Video Project

Background Audio Credits: Heaven’s Rest was written and played by Mike Garret. Copyrighted by Damon Stuart Worship Ministries. Courtesy of Youtube The video is all about the life of the people in Iling Proper, Ilin Island, Occidental Mindoro. The poorism

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No Hope Vs There Is Hope

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Inna Castillo

Recital of Inna Castillo, a Theater Arts and Media Education Major at Assumption College San Lorenzo. Rehearsals and Performance Recital Workshop by Ms. Anna Valdes-Lim of METTA Assumption College San Lorenzo edited on 2-15-2012

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Assumpta Technical High School Marketing Video

Audio Credits. Sand Dance – Yanni Collection Southern Exposure – Yanni Collection Aria – Yanni Collection Script – Jill Ramos Videographer – Jill Ramos, Michael Angelo Aguirre Offline Editor – Jill Ramos, Michael Angelo Aguirre Online Editor – Michael Angelo

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